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My Boot Trees was an idea born a couple years ago after asking my wife what she wanted for Christmas, and then her Birthday a month later. She said she wanted boot trees for all of her boots (she has 20 pairs – I’m not exaggerating).

She didn’t want just regular plastic boot trees though. She wanted something that would be functional but also stylish and super cute to help take care of her boots.

After exhaustive searching, we were talking one day and decided that we should just start making them ourselves and provide these awesome products at affordable prices to all boot lovers. That was what sparked it.

The next weekend, I grabbed my family members and piled everyone in the car and we went to the garment district. We bought several patterns of fabric to try as well as filling, ribbons of all colors and types, thread, wood tags, you name it, brought it all home and bought a sewing machine and (like any good rock band) we set up shop in our garage. It took us 3 months to make the first 240 sets!

The rest is history. We are very happy to bring you My Boot Trees®

Let us help keep the awesome in your boots!

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