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We have many designs available for you to choose from. We are working on more, but the insanely strict parameters we have on cuteness and functionality make it a tough job for a new design to get accepted into our catalogue. Many apply, but few are chosen šŸ˜‰

And donā€™t forget, each pair comes with our Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee and our Lifetime Guarantee!

Never have a messy pile of boots in your closet again! My Boot TreesĀ® decorative plush fabric boot trees are hand made right here in the USA. They are designed to help your boots retain their natural shape and make them stand them up straight for easy space saving storage (not to mention a better looking closet!). They will help prevent damage to the leather or suede (or whatever material your boots are made of) that often occurs when they bend and crease at the ankle over time.

My Boot TreesĀ® will help prolong the life of your boots considerably – not to mention being super cute! Just place your My Boot Trees inside your boots and ensure they are placed all the way down past the ankle. Stand them upright and place them in your closet.

You can take them with you on trips as well. They only weigh 5.5 oz each so won’t add hardly any weight to your luggage. Please note that these are not boot stretchers and will not stretch your boots out.

Each pair of My Boot TreesĀ® come with a FREE set of black tie-on wood personalization tags that can be written on for custom personalization, and tied around the top of each boot tree. We recommend using a silver or gold metallic marker, but pretty much any color will work just fine. We offer a LIFETIME Guarantee on each set of My Boot Trees. Should they expire early for any reason (outside of deliberate damage), just let us know and we will send you a replacement set absolutely FREE.

care and cleaning

My Boot TreesĀ® are durable and will last you a lifetime. They can be washed by hand or in the washing machine (if you are going to machine wash them, please be sure to remove the fabric bow ribbon before doing so to avoid it getting damaged – it can be re-tied on after they are washed and dried). We send you full instructions for care and cleaning with each set you purchase.

We will be adding additional patterns so be sure to check back!

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